British MP’s accuse junta of crimes against humanity

Briefing on Amnesty International Report: Crimes Against Humanity in Eastern Myanmar, June 2008 more detail...
Report Calls For Burma's Leaders to be Investigated for Human Rights Abuses Over Nargis ResponseHeadline more detail ...
Time to End Impunity for Heinous crimes by the Military Regime more detail...
Utställningen Sightseeing Burma visas den 28 april kl. 17-22, samt den 29 april - 3 maj kl. 12-17
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Zoya Phan is International Coordinator at Burma Campaign UK and is one of the leading Burmese democracy activists in Europe. more detail...
Burmese military regime arrests 5 trade union members in Burma more detail...
SIGHSEEING : BURMA (Swedish Burma Committee)


Death Tools to be Distracting
Forgotten Future: Children Affected by Armed Conflict in Burma (HREIB)

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Mayday' Event in Hallsberg city 2009 >>

As the first step, we have organized to collect the first signatures for
our campaign in Hallsberg city, Sweden. With the participation of local
Swedish people, we gathered at the Folket Hus in Hallsberg city, gave out
pamphlets and explained about our petition campaign.



Events >>

1 may 2006 - Hallsberg

Ett mycket lyckat 1 maj i Hallsberg. Gunnel Hedström talade och jämförde situationen mellan Sverige och Thailand utifrån ett flyktingperspektiv. Gunnel hälsade också de närvarande Burmesiska kamraterna välkomna till Hallsberg genom att säga några meningar på Burmesiska. Medialt blev det också positivt.
En helsida i Nerikes Allehanda med foto på Zawlin htwe bärande på plakat med Sun Kuy Ett stort tack till Gunnel Hedström för underbart arbete och ett gott initiativ som blev minnesvärt!

Past Events >>

15 april 2006 - Hallsberg

A manifestation to raise awareness regarding the new proposal handed in to the Burmese government in terms of improving conditions for negotiations. This is also in time for Burmese new-years which is a grand event in the Burmese calendar.
Our celebration started 12:00 o'clock and finished 14:00 PM in Hallsberg city in Sweden on march-12-2006.
There was over 20 people including some swedish people participated and joined together for the celebration.
13 march is the human rights day of burma in memory of the killing of student leader Ko Phone Maw, who was shot day by the military in march 1988. after this, in aug same year, the student uprisings took place. Ko Phone Maw's death triggered the uprisings


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